Our Team


Founder | Coach | Speaker


With a deep love for education, Angela never stops learning. She is passionate about sharing the latest information from neuroscience, psychology and spirituality. She loves creating new ways to connect with those who need this information the most; parents, teachers, and volunteers who work with children. 

Angela creates online courses and delivers live workshops, as well as offering private coaching.






Director | Assistant

A dedicated professional with vast international experience and exceptional organisational skills. Steph holds everything together at Angela Walker Enterprises (AWE) and keeps her sister in much needed focus!

Steph holds a special place in her heart for children who are left behind or find themselves struggling in school. She loves reading and and writing and is currently working on her first novel and a series of children's stories.



Outreach Coordinator | Middle East


As a teacher, a mother and a grandmother who has lived in Jordan for over 30 years, Julie brings passion, wisdom and a deep cultural understanding to our Katie's Readers programme in the Middle East. 

Julie not only helps create the programmes for Katie's Readers but also leads the live training and nurtures the treasured relationships we have with our volunteers and partners on the ground in the region.

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