I love learning, and I love people, so school should have been the ideal environment for me - but the education system didn't like me at all! I talked too much and questioned everything. 


When I left home at the age of seventeen, I had no qualifications and no direction. I travelled the world and paid close attention to this thing we call life; educating myself in ways that a teacher in a classroom could never have offered. I explored many different paths all coming back to three general areas; 


Psychology Neurodevelopment  Spirituality


No matter how much we learn, knowledge without application is meaningless.  I was determined to apply what I was learning to myself first; this led to deep healing from childhood traumas and a beautiful and easy approach to my life. (Not that life is easy - it's definitely not - but how we approach it most certainly can be!) I spent years learning how to live from the inside out, rather than allowing the world to dictate who I should be. I then went on to apply this state of natural, authentic being to my parenting style and my coaching practice. 

My work is the result and the continuation of this journey.

Raising and educating children is both an art and a science.  

It is enormously helpful to recognise, learn and implement both.


We give what we are.

Self-awareness and self-development is key to demonstrating and passing on true wisdom.

One size does not fit all.

We are each wired differently; we all have different experiences and remarkably unique gifts and challenges. 


The best gift we can give our children is self-actualisation.

Learning who we are and how we operate does not mean we are selfish, it means we are wise! 

I Never Stop Learning

I have attended so many workshops and trainings, read countless books, and have had many in-depth conversations (my favourite way to learn!) with the most incredible minds from around the world. I have found that when my students and clients direct my attention, I learn with so much more enthusiasm because my understanding becomes especially relevant. 

I love that!


Here are a few pieces of paper I've gathered along my journey:


BA (Honours) Childood & Youth Studies The Open University, Current
Stråla Guide Training Online 200+Hour Yoga Leadership Training (Part 1 of 2),  June 2020
Applied Neuroscience Certificate, The Neuroscience Academy, May 2019
Treating Generalised Anxiety and Panic Disorders Certificate CPD, January 2019
Shiva Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Level 1, November 2016
Intuitive Soul Call Card Reading Certificate, November 2016
Social Emotional Behavioural Difficulties Diploma Level 4, March 2019
Life Coaching Diploma Level 4, December 2014
Health Support Volunteer Trauma Informed Training Certificate, March 2013
Emotional Freedom technique (EFT) Certificate Level 1, November 2012
Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology Certificate for Teachers, August 2008
Get a HANDLE on Neurodevelopmental Differences  Certificate, May 2008
Whole Brain Learning Certificate, August 2008
Brain Gym Certificate, February 2003 and November 2008
Child Day Care Diploma, August 1996
Additional Courses and Memberships
  • Dr. David Hamilton's Personal Development Club 2019 

  • Business by Design, Online business Course, 2016 

  • Youth Speaker University, Online Speaker Course, 2015

  • Reel Marketing Insider, Online Video Marketing Course, 2014

  • B-School, Online Marketing Course, 2013 

  • Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher Training Course, 1997

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