Katie's Readers is a passion project that was born out of divine inspiration; people and events that came together inexplicably to create an idea that has taken on a life of its own.


We began by simply collecting gently used books from those who can afford them and passing them on to those less fortunate.  We now have a web of inspired volunteers who contribute their own spirit to our mission of:



All our programmes have been developed to inspire, support and motivate teachers, volunteers and students to share their love of learning in a fun and dynamic way.


We believe that the ability to read fluently is the magic skill to opening up a world of opportunities, not only academically but also creatively. Not only for the individual but also for the collective.


We also believe that reading doesn't begin with a book, there are so many pre-reading skills that are vital for preparing little brains for academic success.


Inspiration, motivation and confidence are vital and much forgotten parts of the learning process - we support and encourage them all.


Just imagine a world where every child has the opportunity to learn to read in a safe and supportive environment; education becomes a simple matter of choice.


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