Their future is in your hands

Raising and educating a child is an immense responsibility, but someone has to do it!


I have spent the past 20 years exploring neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality to figure out how I can best support parents, teachers and volunteers with the enormous challenges they face in today's rapidly changing world.  I've concluded that raising and educating our children is an art and a science 

and learning to balance both is the key to success. 


It is my passion to help anyone working with children understand how the brain affects behaviors, learning difficulties and mental health issues. With a simple understanding, we can create an ideal environment for our children to grow and develop into happy and healthy individuals.


My approach is community-based education, coaching, and outreach.

We are all wired differently. I offer information, tools, and ideas for you to explore, and I encourage you to keep what works and leave what doesn't - your instincts will know the difference! 

Core Values

We believe that each and every individual deserves to feel valued for exactly who they are.


We are all wired differently, with diverse backgrounds, different experiences, and our own personal feelings, hopes and dreams. And we all have enormous value and unique gifts to offer the world.


We listen with compassion, empathy and non-judgment offering information and support that is designed for you and your very unique situation..


We believe that each and every individual has the intrinsic ability to learn and grow.


Whether you or your children are dealing with mental or physical challenges, are young or old, are home educated or in main stream school, our aim is to get you to the 'adjacent possible' - the next best step on your journey.


We believe that it takes a village to raise and educate a child.


Bringing parents, teachers, and students together enables us to share information and ideas to offer all our children the best chance of success in this rapidly changing world.

Life doesn't thrive in isolation. Human beings need community and connection to live a full and inspired life.

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