Angela's Story

I love learning, and I love people, so school should have been the ideal environment for me - but the education system didn't like me at all! I talked too much and questioned everything.  


When I left home at the age of seventeen, I had no qualifications and no direction. I traveled the world and paid close attention to this thing we call life; educating myself in ways that a teacher in a classroom could never have offered.  Life kept pointing me in the direction of three specific areas;


Psychology Neuroscience  Spirituality


Knowledge without application is meaningless, so I first worked on myself; healing my childhood traumas, figuring out who I am, and eventually practicing a completely different approach to raising and educating my own two boys. 


My work is the result and the continuation of this journey.






My Philosophy

Raising and educating children is both an art and a science and it is enormously helpful to explore both.


We can't teach what we don't know Self-awareness is the key to passing on true wisdom.


One size does not fit all We are each wired differently and have wondrously unique challenges and gifts.


Authenticity trumps everything If we are not aiming to be true to ourselves, what's the point?


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