Raising and educating a child is a huge responsibility. It is, without doubt, the hardest job in the world and the stakes are incredibly high. So many parents, particularly mothers, are doing this job alone.


Before taking on any other role in society, we undergo training so we are better prepared and are more likely to do well, not with parenting.  We may have some prenatal classes or a few visits from a health care provider, but otherwise we are on our own. If we are lucky, we have a reliable network of family and friends who can support us as we navigate this very steep learning curve. 

As we listen to others and read books about how to prepare, care for and educate a child, the information starts to become overwhelming. Opinions, advice, theories;  "You must do this."  "Don't do that." "I did this other thing."   We have to weed through it all, make judgements and decisions, and finally, hopefully, find a parenting path that works for us. 

I have spent the past 20 years exploring neurodevelopment, psychology, and spirituality to figure out how I could best raise my own children and support other parents, teachers and volunteers with the enormous challenges they face in today's rapidly changing world. I've concluded that raising and educating our children is both an art and a science and understanding, practising and balancing both is the key to success. 

We are all wired differently and experience life in a very unique and diverse way.  I use a brain savvy, heart-centred approach to educate and support young parents so they can create an ideal environment for their children to grow and develop into happy and healthy individuals. 

I offer information, tools, and ideas for you to explore, and I encourage you to keep what works and leave what doesn't - your instincts will know the difference! 

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